music of compassion; fire, and life!!!

Motivational instrumental, in a neoclassical rock jazz fusion.

Concerts to come in 2018!!!

Saturday, September 29,
7:30 to 10:30 PM,
at the Classic Bean, 21st & Fairlawn!!!!!

We are most extremely pleased to announce our return on July 14 and September 29, to the Classic Bean, near Office Max at 21st & Fairlawn!!!!!!

The Classic Bean at Fairlawn is a marvelous combination of premier coffee shop, restaurant, and performance venue. To get there, go to the corner of SW 21st and Fairlawn, and you'll see a large shopping center with Dillons and Office Max; a few doors to the left (the south) of Office Max is where you're going.

Hope to see you there !!!